Customer Services

With nearly 10 years of experience in the sale of second hand machinery for the Paper Making and wood Panel Board manufacturing sectors we are able to offer our client's the following services which we believe will increase the chances of achieving a successful sale of their equipment.

Equipment Updates

This involves sending e-mail notifications when new items of equipment become available. These will be issued along with the relevant information document, for each item of equipment available.

Supporting the Business Strategy

In the ideal business world we try to obtain an understanding of the customer’s business strategy to ensure that they receive priority information when equipment suitable to meet their strategic business requirements becomes available. We can also work to search our extensive list of contacts to find specific items of equipment for a customer.

Web site listing

Our website lists all of the available equipment we have for sale. This listing includes the information documents and in somecases further photographs and video recording of the machinery when it was operating.

Assist with Negotiations

Once potential customers have indicated an interest, we will work with both the client and customer to broker an agreement in terms of price, timescale and specific clauses in the contract. It is only after the contract has been negotiated, signed and funds exchanged between the client and customer that Linn Machinery will invoice for the work undertaken.

An additional benefit of working with Linn Machinery is that a sister business, JM Associates, has for the last 8 years, project managed relocation projects of manufacturing equipment in both the paper making and wood panel sectors. The knowledge and expertise gained during this period can be used to assist the customer in the following:

If you have any equipment from the paper making and wood panel manufacturing sectors that you are thinking of selling please contact us directly by one of the following means:-

Telephone : +447803598206
Skype: jmlinn2

Or alternatively go to our contact page and enter your details. We will get back to you as soon as possible.